What does it mean to have a Broker/Consultant working for you?

When The Rhodes Insurance Group is appointed as your Broker/Consultant, you enter into a relationship with a recognized leader in the insurance industry. As your Broker / Consultant, we are empowered to exert our influence on the market to your advantage.

We do not work for insurance companies — we work for you

We have one priority and one priority only: getting you the benefits you want at competitive and fair prices. Our management team will walk you through every step of planning, procuring and implementing a benefits program. Additionally, we provide the services of many employees you could hire in-house at a much greater expense. From renewal negotiations to monthly benefit meetings and in-house personnel trainings, The Rhodes Insurance Group is prepared to maximize the power of your current staff and provide support in areas that can help your company grow.

The Rhodes Insurance Group provides real value

Quite simply, by helping our clients to make the best decisions possible, they save time and money. Managed health care and employee benefits—and how to fund them—are complicated issues. How are conflicting interests resolved among competing constituents? Rely on The Rhodes Insurance Group to represent your best interests. With our access to all carriers capable of providing competitive proposals, we work for you to provide the most suitable, cost-effective benefits package to meet your company’s and employees’ needs.

We provide personal service to respond promptly to your concerns and accurate information supported by current research. Outsourcing our services is, in most cases, more effective than hiring an in-house expert. The savings we produce more than cover our expenses, which are just a small fraction of your benefits costs. All compensation is mutually agreed to in advance.

Tailor-made service based on your needs, not ours

For over 25 years, our approach has been straight-forward: give our clients what they need through personalized, transparent and friendly service. When you call our office, you’re not routed through endless strings of automated messages. The Rhodes Insurance Group team is ready and waiting to help with any issue that may arise. By cultivating relationships that are built on respect, reliability and quality service, our clients are confident that we are working hard to get the answers they need.

We believe that benefits should be specially designed with your needs at the forefront and tailored to your employee population. No two companies are the same and, with The Rhodes Insurance Group as your Consultant, you can rest assured that the service we provide will be targeted to suit your needs.


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